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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum....I've found Johnny Depp...YUM!

To celebrate my latest piece I'm having a pirate theme for this weeks Shopping List Saturday! I was searching for pirate stuff and found what I was looking for right away - only it was better than I expected! I've found Johnny! Oh that he were real! Etsy seller Narayanworld has a shopful of these gorgeous dolls. She learned to crochet during a trip to India and has been going ever since. She says "Narayanworld is an expression of the images and worlds I see in my mind and imagination, combined with my ideal to make these beautiful worlds a living reality." I can honestly say that she has accomplished just that in these beautiful, beautiful dolls.

Her dolls are beautiful, original and inspiring. Perfect gifts for girls. Think about all the girls you know, then think about Christmas! Wouldn't one of these be so much better than something mainstream and plastic. In fact - get one for yourself! They are the best, loveliest, non-tackiest, best conceived, nicest, cutest, most desirable dolls that I have come across to date........... off you go! Shoo! Go see her shop!
P.S i've forgotten to put a pic of my pirate related item! YIKES! i'll add it later! And don't forget that you can see all the other "lists" either by visiting Fancypicnics blog here or checking the links in my sidebar...



  1. Jhonny? you said Jhonny?? I dont know what else came after that in this post... nice pics though!


  2. That perfect rosebud mouth that belongs to Mr. Depp.....phwoar. Anyway, sorry.....great dolls, fancy crotcheting those, the skill and patience of some people.

    Oh dear....apologies for the steep drop in your bank balance ;-)

    To tell you the truth I could have just kept going with the glass items, so many truly goegeous items!

    Glad you found something that you love though.

  3. oooh, what a nice find:) (i'm lucky enough to have met the real one in person... the johnny you have found is pretty darn cute but the real one is even better;)

  4. you've met him? arghhhhhhhh
    funny how the mention of his name has sent all us girls into a tizzy.... I think i'll do a post about him next!

  5. What if I told you that I have a pirate in my studio called Johnny???? I'll blogroll you but how????

  6. Do you think we should talk to littleloveblue ever again?!! Only joking, Carey...jealousy is not a good thing!

    These are lovely, Anna! SOO cute xx

  7. Mmmmmm............ Johnny Depp!!

    *goes all giddy*