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Saturday, 6 September 2008

It's all a bit wibbly wobbly here .....

Continuing the pirate theme ................ here is the item I left out of the last post! So below is my little skull & crossbones. I made him with a boys bedroom in mind but as you can see he's a'hangin' on my front door! He looks great there ..... and there he might just stay (i'll make another!). He's a great little stocking filler too. Being a bit slack I haven't measured him yet (tsk, she's so unprofessional!) but he's made of 12mm birch ply and is roughly 15cm from one bone end to another. UPDATE: he's 22cm!

Do you like him? His bottom jaw is separate and is wired on so you can do a little wiggling and waggling (or wibbling and wobbling) if you feel so inclined! The beauty of this is that each one will have a slightly different expression. He almost got a nose - I cut out a paper one and there was much discussion about the merits of said feature - in the end noseless one through! He looked less original with one - more 'Half an Acre' without. Right now he's in my Etsy shop - looking sad and ......er..... noseless .... do pay him a visit!



  1. You can't put a pic of Johnny here and then pretend to get our atenttion with ...anything else. TOo difficult.

    Funny little black pirate there...

  2. Madamme... there is a prize for you waiting at my blog!

  3. I love this, and I want one :D I love the wiggly-waggly wired jaw.