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Friday, 30 January 2009

BUNNY TALES - 0127 Bertie

Good news! The Warren has heard from Bertie! Bertie went off to live in St.Austell, Cornwall with GemHeaven. She wanted him as a desk buddy (or bunny!). I can safely say that he survived the posting, something that the bunnies ARE NOT keen on, and seems to be very happy. But the bunnies back home are not! Read on ....

"Bertie ~ my bunny ~ took no time at all to settle in with the family, here he is with his new best friend Charlie ~ of course its early days and Bertie still likes to be supervised when playing with his new friend especially as Charlie likes to chew anything soft and squidgy (we have a hospital with many one arm or legged teddies :( )".
The bunnies are all jumping up and down as I'm typing this, their noses bumping the screen, squeaking "It's going to pounce! It's going to pounce!". That is a cat with a plan, you can tell.

This is a picture of Bertie on Twitter. He is waiting for his bunny friends to say something. Trouble is that the bunnies here haven't signed up yet. I'll have to find one with good ear control (for typing) to be put in charge. I hope his internet access is being moderated - can't have him finding anything unsuitable for a small bun!
I can also report that Bertie is getting a friend! Bitty Love Bun is coming to live with him and she is bringing him a lovely carrot too!

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