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Monday, 2 February 2009


Oh my goodness! What excitement this morning! I looked out of the window and look what had happened in the half an acre where The Warren is.
Look what all those little bunnies did! They must have used a complex system of winches and pulleys to manage to make something so big and cold. They didn't have their scarves on either, which I am a bit annoyed about, so they were all shivering when I found them out there.
Guess who DID have theirs on though! Geocache bunny is so proud of his new one - knitted by The Bunny Maker.
A very large and out of control snowball fight followed with several bunnies getting lost in the centre of snowballs and ending up with bumped ears and sore noses. I gathered them all up and took them inside for hot chocolate. There are some very tired and happy bunnies in The Warren tonight! I can hear little snores as I am typing this. Sssshhhhhhhhhh.


  1. Twiglet (now known as Gerran bunny) was eying up our snowman's nose - we have been feeding him I promise, but he seems to like his carrots alot.

  2. LOL well they are very clever Bunnies!