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Saturday, 7 February 2009

*Drum roll* ... New designs!

What a bloomin' miracle! Half an Acre has managed to produce some new designs! Okay okay not new shapes but just new arrangements of paint and spots. Don't get too excited! I am thrilled to have discovered brown. You heard me. Brown. I thought I would never ever say that. When I say that I'm liking beige then you know something is VERY wrong. Thing is ... a while ago My Friend Tor (there is an in-joke there which I will leave for her even though I know she will never, ever, ever get round to reading this!) commissioned me to do her some snakes and lizards to go in her new white bathroom (very nice too). She wanted BROWN. And that is how I said it - "BROWN?". "Yes, brown", she said, "to match the doorstop". Obviously. Right. Brown then. The brown was a lush chocolatey brown and I put big white spots onto it with orange middles and Oh my goodness that looks REALLY nice! A lil' bit o lime green, a lil' bit of light blue and WOWZERS that looks fantastic! I am a brown convert. So, inspired by all this I've decided to do some more and add them to my shop. Brown and fuschia pink is a great combination.
Delicious? Thought so! You can find them, and a load more in my FOLKSY shop and over on ETSY too. No excuses now!


  1. They are ace!! I'm liking brown and orange ;)

  2. I agree, BROWN looks great. Love the new design. Well done

  3. They look great! i was suprised at the combination too, you dont seem very "brown"; but the contrast looks really nice!

  4. there's nothing wrong with a lovely brown. i love an earth tone or two paired with a splash of bright color.

  5. I'm likin' these!! They look terrific in brown - quite a statement!
    You never know until you try....