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Saturday, 10 January 2009


This is Geocache Bunny. He is a bit of an adventurer! Not all of the bunnies like to travel far from The Warren, unless going to a new home, but this one mentioned he'd like to go out and about more. So we took him Geocaching. He is sporting a new scarf, as today was a freezing but beautiful day with layers of frost everywhere and all the waterways frozen solid. He asked to be pictured with the map as he has some grand plans!
Geocaching is something that The Bunny Maker and her family got into a while ago. It is basically a treasure hunt using a handheld GPS. It is a global activity with caches all over the world wiht the hub being the Geocaching.com website. Some are easy strolls, some are underwater and require scuba diving skills! You chose the ones you want to do. If you put your postcode into the Geocache site you can see where they are in your area. Bet you didn't know there were so many so close! The best way to get a good idea of it all is to watch this little tutorial all about it.

Another great thing you can do is to find Travel Bugs within the caches. These can be any item as long as they have the metal dogtag attached with their tracking number. You register this number with the geoche website and people will move it from cache to cache logging where it has been. You can then see how far it has got and where it has been. You can evenvset targets for them; such as to be photographed at interesting places or to reach Australia. In a few weeks "Travel Bug Bunny" will be put into a new cache, started by us, and sent out to see where it goes. The Bug won't be a sock bunny mainly because it might get a bit damp and because back at The Warren none of us could bear to leave one all alone in a box, in a tree stump, out in the cold, all sad and hungry - you get the picture! So we will be using a special bunny designed for the purpose!

This is Son of The Bunny Maker Number 1 (get that hat!) - the boy who discovered his inner bunny! It is all his fault that the bunny madness has spread and I now have a bunny shop and this blog! Geocache Bunny is riding along as you can see!
He found a cache too - buried in an old tree stump. There was much excited hopping and squeaking from him as we opened it. Inside was the log book, which we signed and dated, we left a badge and took a mirror thing. Then we re-hid it and moved along to find the next one. There were four on our circular walk in total - one was on a long piece of string dangled into an old tree trunk - very hard to find and we almost gave up but got it in the end. Geocache Bunny has a lovely time and is back at The Warren telling the others all about it.


  1. Wow, how fun! I'll have to give it a go!

  2. Now I've signed up to Geocache too - couldn't believe that there are caches in Shetland! Might get my son more enthusiastic about walking his dog!

  3. I've signed up, and will be in touch soon to pick your brains, geocache bunny!