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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Too many bunnies and not enough names!

The bunnies at The Warren need your help! Previously they have all had a number but this is getting a little unwieldy an impersonal - the bunnies would each like their own name! I find this slightly demanding of them but what can I do! So - I am asking for suggestions for names for them all! I didn't do this to start with as I think that anyone who buys a bunny has their own idea for the name - BUT there has been so much throwing of carrots and stamping of bunny feet that I am having to review the situation. If anyone has any suggestions then please do add a comment here including any names - trust me, there are A LOT of bunnies to name!


  1. OK so names:Snowboard bunny,Cupcake bunny, Cheeky bunny, Bertie bunny, Tiptop bunny, Whirlwind bunny,Twitch bunny. Better stop now and get back to Twitter

  2. Honey bunny, Bunny Mischief, Bold Bunny, Hot Cross Bun, Patience Bunny, Bunny 4U, Hide and Seek Bunny, Bunny Adventure

    Ever thought about making twin bunnies?

  3. Honey Bunny, Funny Bunny, Beach Bunny, Sunny Bunny, Moonshadow Bunny, Rainbow Bunny.