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Saturday, 14 February 2009


We have some new arrivals at The Warren! Little pinkies! This one pictures is Mo. Do you notice anything? If you look very closely? I'd better tell you then. She is sporting one of the new 'sockbunny' labels on her sleeping bag. The bunnies LOVE them. They are all bouncy around squeaking "Look at mine! Look at mine!" even though they are all just the same. There are about 5 new ones just arrived. If you pop over the bunny shop you will see them there.

Global Bunny is due back soon - and the bunnies have been arguing over which land mass actually is Kenya - even though I keep telling them. Added to all this excitement is the journey that another two bunnies are about to undertake. They are off to the far east! Oh no! You say! That sounds ominous! Don't worry - I am finding out how I can have my OWN socks made - yes, my own design of sock! That would be wonderful!

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  1. I popped by to see if global bunny had come home yet...:-)