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Thursday, 19 February 2009

How not to decorate your workroom.

I have decided that these 'How Not To' posts will be a regular thing. It started with How not to put a map on a kitchen table. So, pay attention, this is Chapter Two - "How Not To Decorate Your Workroom".

Today I have been painting up some little fishies ready to go off to the lovely Green Tree Gallery in Sussex. Look, there they all are, all lined up and looking lovely - not quite finished but on their way. And, do you know what I decided about two thirds of the way through? Yep - I decided that the blue I was doing one fish with would make a lovely blue for the walls. My room is the only one still painted in the previous owners dull as ditchwater colour scheme - a cold, murky, pale greyish blue - guaranteed to make even the dullest day even duller. Lovely. So, right there and then I started painting the walls. Did I first remove everything from the room? No. Did I cover up or move my little fishies, so lovingly painted? No. Did I get a roller from the garage? No. Did I chose a very small brush from my collection and just starting painting round everything? Yes! Good grief! Why? And I'm tutting at the blue splatters on an already painted wooden bird!

It takes me ages, with this wee brush. Why don't I get a larger on? I've got the radio on and I'm listening to Radio 5 Live and having a lovely time, with my little brush and my lovely turquoise paint. Then I did a very mad thing - I re-hung my wooden stuff on the walls before it was properly dry. What is wrong with me? Has impatience reached a new level? Is it just that I can't bear to break to do anything so much so that it has to have the minimum of inpact on me? Was that last sentence English?

This is all because I have a new blind coming. A lovely blind. One of extreme funky big floweriness being made up by a friend who can do clever things such as making blinds. When it arrives I will show you my blind and you will love my blind. You will.

See those awful walls? "Soon they will be beautiful", you say. But remember the two pictures above? That was a few days ago. They still look the same today. I have not painted them anymore that what you can see. This is typical. I have painted exactly where the blind will be. This means that the blind will be put up and I will not bother to paint the rest of the room the rest of the room! My attitude stinks. 1/10 for effort.


  1. Your workroom looks like a great place...so much to see there! The turquoise you are using is fabulous,and it's very comforting to find out it's not just me who decorates in this way!

  2. You are so funny!! I would do the same...you have painted the wall for the blind, that means you can take pics of it for us to see with the new wall (nice colour by the way!) and you can ignore the other walls and appreciate the beauty of that finished wall and window. I don't think its stupid at all :)

  3. Love the turquoise too.
    I have also decorated the same way,it's just great to get colour on the wall and you get carried away!

  4. hahaha, it made me chuckle reading this, i'm glad to see there is someone else as impatient as me out there :o) Good luck finishing it off, and here's to spontineaity!

    Cate, x

  5. lol that's ok it makes for a very interesting blog post. I think your studio looks waaayy better than mine lol

  6. Love your crafty space , colours are fab! Good luck with it all Sarah x