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Monday, 23 February 2009


The Warren is positively shaking with excitement today! Global Bunny is going into school to meet Mr O'Grady who is then going to take her home and then to .... Kenya!!!
The bunnies have all been scurrying over the table map to see exactly where it is and which countries she will be flying over. This will be her first plane journey and she has spent ages tucking herself up in her bed, getting her travelling position comfy and generally rearranging the contents of the case.

So, the big question is ... What exactly is in that suitcase?

Look at all that stuff, little bunny! Are you sure you need to take all that?! The answer is an emphatic yes! So, I suppose we had better take a tour....

BUNNY TRAVEL DIARY - handmade by hmsDesign on Folksy
PURSE FOR FOREIGN COINS - handmade by Materialised - a Uk seller on Etsy
BLANKET - handmade by Nifty Knits on Folksy
TOY BUNNY - handmade by Winsome Hollow on Etsy

HmsDesign --- NiftyKnits -- Materialised -- Winsome Hollow

Global Bunny will be back in one weeks time, hopefully with exciting adventures to tell an pictures too. They will all be posted here right away.
Good luck, little travelling bun! See you when you get back!

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