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Friday, 27 February 2009

Ever feel you are being watched?

This week I've been having a good old clear out of my workroom. I am not a tidy person. I spread. That's what I've been told. I spread. Like marmite? or like jam? I'll have to ask. Anyway, I have been clearing out and painting around things. I've done a whole load more of the walls and overhauled as I went. Very quickly it became obvious that I am not the only resident of my room. I have 'other things with eyes' all over the place. Above is just a small selection. We have Hooverer (made from a sock), some funky vinyl toys, Basildon, Eco Eric, three Pokemon: Camerupt, Whooper & Pilloswine, Ruby the bunny, Puppy and Pete the Pirate.
Is this normal?
And lets not forget that, of course, everyone has one of these, don't they?

Book Monster - Guardian Of The Kitchen Bookcase


  1. Perfectly, why? What makes you ask?

  2. Yes, I too have many critters watching me. Though sometimes I get a little spooked out by some of them, heehe. Is that normal?

  3. Oh! now I see what is missing in my bookshelf! a book monster of course! :D

  4. Ahh look at little Ruby!
    She looks very contented!

  5. Of course! I have many, I shall have to take a picture for you, but there are some creeping onto my shelves on my blog.