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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Easter Bunnies arrive!

More comings and goings today - a little group of Easter bunnies arrived at The Warren. There was lots of giggling as they tried to pick their names - I so wish I hadn't made it a policy that they could all choose what they are called - bunnies have no taste and get a bit silly about it all. Florry wanted to be called 'Buttercup' or 'Butt' for short. The other bunnies loved it and I couldn't really explain why it was not appropriate.

The new bunnies are all lovely eastery colours and very bouncy, excited ones at that. The only exception is Waggle, a boy easter bunny who is not quite so pinky icecreamy in colour and a little quieter in nature and with the best, biggest ears - he is skilled in the art of Semaphore - so if your mobile battery runs out you can use him to send messages instead. He didn't want his picture here (no idea why) so you will have to click here to see him.


  1. Loving the fluffy easter bunnies, will they be helping with the egg delivering Vx