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Thursday, 26 March 2009


I am please to report that bunny has arrived at The Monkey Gang. She has been named Sophie, which she is thrilled about as her new best friend is Smithy The Sock Monkey and their names both start with a 'S'.
here she is with Smithy - be gently Smithy!

I am thrilled that she has such a lovely home. One little member of The Monkey Gang is being posted to The Warren too this week. The bunnies are very impatient to meet him (or her).

Here she is with some of the other monkeys - she looks really happy too.

That is a great place to be Sophie! Smithy can travel much faster than you with his long monkey legs! You can even have a little snooze up there too on long journeys.
Smith is head monkey at The Monkey Gang but there are loads of monkeys there all waiting for new homes. You can see them all here www.monkeygang.co.uk.

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