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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The pictures have arrived from Marrakesh! Bunny had a very exciting, if not a bit scary time. Marrakesh was very busy and noisy for a small bunny and the locals seemed to like to skin small creatures which alarmed everyone a bit. The transport was also quite alarming, not least the Easy Jet flight! The bus drivers were terrifying in their steering - poor bunny had to fold her ears over her eyes so as not to look!

Don't get too close Bunny.........
that bunny skin of yours would make a very pretty purse!

You'd better get down from there, Bunny - it doesn't look safe!

Hmmm - not sure about the company you are keeping there, Bunny, isn't that a man in that lovely pink?

Bunny, you really did get yourself into some scary situations! Get away from those porcupine quills double- quick!

Bunny had a very exotic time there, it seems. Right now she is up in Edinburgh but will be back today, hopefully. A quick turnaround and she's off to South Africa for two weeks. It's a long way up Table Mountain - I wonder if she will hop or take the cablecar......

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