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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Should it be allowed? Do they need to wear helmets? Where would their ears go? All these questions are going through my head right now because two little bunnies are in the post right now, heading for South Carolina. They are about to embark on a road trip on a Harley Davidson!!! Arghghghgghhgh! How exciting is that? I packed a carrot for them to take with them, just in case. In case of what I am not sure, but just in case.

Widget Sockbunny now has his own Facebook page with over 65 friends - and that is in about one week! Its because of this that the two bunnies above are off on such an exciting trip. Widget was also contact by Smithy the Sock Monkey, who wanted to be his friend. Widget was thrilled, especially as the sock monkeys come with great knitwear. You can see heaps of monkeys here www.monkeygang.co.uk. The Warren is doing 'an exchange' - a bunny is on its way to be a friend for Smithy and a monkey is coming this way for Widget to play with. Widget is also getting a piece of exclusive, designer monkeygang knitwear! All will be posted when it arrives.

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  1. oh my - I remember my kids doing "french exchanges", but didn't realise bunnies did it too!