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Friday, 20 March 2009

The Easter Bunnies arrive on Ocracoke.

The Easter bunnies have arrived in America!! I've just received the news and pictures at The Warren..

The Easter Sock Bunnies have arrived in Ocracoke! Today at the post there was much bumping and thumping in my box!! When I opened it there they were.....poor dears are exhusted from their long trip, but happy to have the bunny boxes opened and to see each other...such excited chatter!! After a rest they will meet the 5 bedlinton terriers that live here and get their piccies taken out on the deck in the SUNSHINE!! The Easter Sock Bunnies will be staying with me here in Ocracoke until 4. April. They will travel up north to their forever homes with their "Uncle Jerry" when he comes for a visit at the end of the month. In their forever homes they will each have a little girl of their own....Mina, Cassie will have Lolly & Molly and Aria & Elsie will have Waggles and Florry. Aria and Elsie live in the mountains of North Carolina, so Waggles and Florry will have yet another trip. In the summer they will all come for a visit, so at the end of July they will have a Sock Bunny reunion here at my house. My goodness in writing this I realize these Bunnies are going to be VERY busy!!

Love the Easter Sock Bunnies Foster Mum, Trish

Woah bunny! Careful, you are being sniffed big time there! The Warren bunnies are bobbing around worrying about Storey the Bedlington Terrier's bit doggy nose there but I've told them not to worry about doggy sniffing as its just a nice way of saying hello. I'm not sure they are convinced as they are all muttering and squabbling on my desk next to me. We are all looking forward to seeing more pictures soon!

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  1. Tell the Bunnies not to worry. All the dogs have very nice manners and would NEVER harm a Sock Bunny. All the Bunnies have been settled in their 'guest bunny room', where they have colors and paper and pencils to draw and write & they are settling in nicely. Sunday we will have an outing to take more pictures. Today they will have a quiet day. When they went sleep last night, they were holding ears & snuggled in.