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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Vegetable Patch

The weather has been so beautiful these last few days, so lovely, in fact, that we have started the vegetable patch. The bunnies have already said what they would like to grow and Widget has been to the garden centre to get the seeds. We have spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce, carrots, lettuce and runner beans so far. Today the sleepers were put in and tomorrow the soil is all being barrowed in - along with loads of rotted manure.

This picture was taken this morning - before anything was done. I don't know how Widget is going to help as those things are really, really heavy! I'm hoping to be able to let him plant some seeds this weekend - it certainly has been a lovely sunny week and feels about the right time to be sowing.

This is all good news on the vegetable front but there is bad news coming! The Bunny Maker's sewing machine has broken and there are six new bunnies who's sleeping bags aren't sewn up at the bottom. This, apparently, is very drafty at night. So the dilemma is: get a new one :) or get someone to fix it.........
The new bunnies can't wait to show you their patterns - heart & skulls and leopard skin - go bunnies go!

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