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Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm easily over-excited......

... especially by techy stuff that DOES things. I've just registered with byhand.me and made myself the subject of my own 'spotlight'. You can just drop the HTML into your blog post land 'whoomf' up comes your stuff! YAY! Its a 'Fabulous Fish' gallery.... I'm still tweaking it as it pulls images from my Half an Acre Etsy shop and that is a place I haven't been for ages and ages. I've been trying to come back to 'Old Blighty' and sell in pounds rather than dollars as it does work out much better for me. Etsy was my first landing place on the internet so I have a big soft spot for it hence I've been revamping my shop this morning.


  1. You are so very active - you twitter, blog, message, network and now this new fangled thingumy. And you make loads of stuff too. I am very impressed and very humbled.

  2. ach - that's the second blog I've read today about byhand...is the universe trying to tell me something?

  3. Hello fellow crafter. I hereby announce that you have been awarded a Kreativ blogger award and the news is posted on my blog. http://niftythriftyloveliness.blogspot.com I've no dea what it is but I'm delighted to have been nominated myself and to pass it on to a fellow crafty blogger