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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Widget's Easter Break

Widget has been away!
A little sortie to the Isle of Wight.
The Bunny Maker and her family have been going for years and years and years but this time Widget and Geocache Bunny went along too. The weather wasn't too great to start with - this is Widget waiting for the car ferry wondering if he will get out to do any crabbing.

As you can see from the next picture things got ALOT better the next day! Widget got very excited and found an old toy boat in one of the cupboards and rushed out to sail it in the sunshine. Even though it was nice and hot we had to keep his scarf on due to the sock colouring/ pebble blending of bunny and beach. We tried without, as he was a little hot, but lost him for a full 20 minutes. So the scarf had to stay on!

He also had a go at crabbing but didn't catch much except for a weeny little one - even then he wasn't too sure about it!

Widget also did a bit of Geocaching with Geocache Bunny. Here they are looking a little chilly with some fairly attractive seaweed. The compostion was there idea - nothing to do with me. Never let bunnies have too much say in things because they have very firm opinions, I can tell you!

There are some more pictures from Widget's holiday over on his blog Widget's Year - Diary of a SockBunny. You can see the crab he caught!

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