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Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Amazing Movable Meadow!

I did a sale last night with the bunnies from "Widget and Friends" - my other er ...'direction' .. I can't think of a good word for it! I took the Amazing Movable Meadow with me.
It looks fabulous even though I do say so myself and it got LOTS of attention.
The sale was a typical one in that I managed to spike many people on the way in with my bunny fencing thing and managed to spread my stuff over both of the tables next to me whilst everyone else was all neat and kept themselves to themselves. I managed to get it all in in 4 journeys - not bad considering.
Then something horrific happened!! I discovered there WAS NO COFFEE!! That was horrible! Don't tell me I should have taken my own little Famous Five picnic because I just can't face it - I want someone elses coffee and someone elses sandwiches and someone elses chocolate brownies. Okay there WERE brownies...... but brownies need coffee. So there.
As usual I lost faith in the human race several times...
"Is is a stress toy?" she said, pumping a bunny with all the vigour of a cardiac nurse in E.R.
"Squweeeeeeeeeeek! Squweeeeeeeeeekkk! Heeeeeeeeeelllllp" gasped the bunny.
I suppose the concept of a soft toy made from a sock is a difficult one for some people.

"What is is?" said another woman
"Its a bunny" I said dryly.
"What do you do with it?"
"It's a toy".

I also saw my doctor there. His wife had a stall. It was deeply un-nerving seeing him knowing that he knew all kinds of intimate details about me and after all doesn't he just stay at the doctors? I mean he can't have a non-doctory real-life? He was wearing pretty cool clothes and looked a little Richard Hammondy which was even more un-nerving. I'll be happier when he's back in his little room wearing something more traditional and I'm asking him about urine infections again.

I still had my usual 'self-doubt during sale' attack. When no-one is looking or buying and I wonder if I should jack it all in and have to run through a mental checklist of all the things that are going right for me elsewhere. One of those things which gave me the smiliest feeling all evening was getting a message from Ruth of BirdlandCreations saying that she had seen my fish on THE COVER of Aga Living magazine and on the inside pages too!!!!

Can you see me? Down the bottom of the cover on the right and over there on the inside page!
I am thrilled - what is more I wouldn't have known if Ruth didn't have an Aga (not a little jealous) and hadn't have told me - so thank you Ruth!!

We are off to the Isle of Wight AGAIN tomorrow. I'm going to make up a whole heap of my Hag Stone Rounds this time so expect a few featured here when I get back.

What I don't understand is that I packed up my bunny stall and made it back to the car in two trips. I guess its like a car journey which always seems shorter on the way home!
Read more about the bunnies on their movable meadow on the sock bunny blog HERE


  1. Your stall looks amazing & as i said on folksy amazing news about Aga Living!

    Sorry to hear your bunnies were in for a bit of a prodding - some folk are so ignorant!

    My bunnies & kitties send hugs & hope they get over the experience very quickly xxx

  2. Oooh poor bunnies getting squished! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who things about giving it all up. The bunny meadow is an inspiration, it looks awesome. xXx

  3. 2 trips on way home cos you'd sold a gazillion bunnies, of course! your stall really does look fabulous, well done. and as for the aga saga - cooooooool.

  4. Good to meet your bunnies! Hope you find the mag soon

  5. I love the way you write! :)