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Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Travelling Bunny Meadow!

I did a sale last night and took along all the buns - every single one I had made up and ready. They were all thrilled to be going on an outing and in the evening too! Usually they are all bedded down in their burrows.
They weren't terribly helpful when I arrived and had to unpack the car. Trying to hop out of the tub trug I'd loaded them all into. It's a bit squashed in there and all the ears and noses get tickled and pulled by each other - the fuzzy bunnies really do get picked on.
I was really pleased with how the table looked - I'd set it up like a little garden with this great grassy, flowery stuff I'd bought from a highstreet shop who were thrilled to get rid of it all at half price! A portable meadow! It all looked pretty cute and the buns wanted to know why it wasn't like that back home at The Warren.

They squabbled a bit about who was going up on the watering can. Cupcake bunny got up first but he was quickly bought and some of the others got a turn later.

All the little baby buns had to be put into this planter as it was all too much and they kept falling off the table and bouncing around like little balls everywhere.
It was a good evening and quite a few bunnies got to go to new homes.

There are lots of bunnies about to be listed in the bunny shop so do keep dropping in for a look.
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  2. They all look so sweet in their meadow!