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Friday, 8 May 2009

I hate nature.

I hate it. I hate the natural law of things. The magpies took all 12 duck eggs yesterday. All 12. Cleaned the nest out and all that was left was a scattering of the downy features that the mother used to cover them up when she left for a walkabout. I saw her stretching that morning and waggling her tail across the garden. I should have checked the eggs. I should have worked at the kitchen table where I could see her nest. Instead I was buried in my workroom on the otherside of the house. When the boys came home from school and poured into the garden the first voice I heard was "Mummy, the eggs have gone!". There was a magpie flapping around that morning. Apparently they can clear a nest in ten minutes.
I'm gutted and so is Widget.

I can't get him out of the nest. He just sits there. All his bounce is gone and his ears have drooped. I pushed them back for this picture as he look too sad and I couldn't bear it. Hooverer has gone out to get some chocolate biscuits to see if that helps but it's not looking good. Even Whump is horrified at his bird cousins. Snake doesn't understand what has happened (he's not very clever inspite of being a sneaky snake).
I feel as though I didn't take enough care of our duck. I know its just the way of things. But...

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