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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Warren Hears From Peapod....

Dear Warren residents,
Peapod has asked me to let you know that he arrived safely back in April. (He said he's sorry he hasn't been in touch before but he has been very busy making friends and helping in his new garden.)
He was a little shy when he first arrived but he perked up when he saw the garden and has made good friends with the bunny who already called this his home. The friendship was sealed by the sharing of some sunflower seeds. Yum!
He has been showing off his mathematical skills by working out how many packets of vegetable seeds we needed and measuring out the spacing between the rows. We have just harvested some radish sprouts to put in a salad but it's the carrots the bunnies are impatient to come up.

All here are very sad to hear the news of your duck eggs and hope it's not too late for her to have another go. Peapod sends Widget a big hug and hopes he bounces back to his usual self soon.

All the best,
Peapod and family.

Peapod makes a new friend!

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