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Friday, 5 June 2009

The Adventures of Little Spotty

Little Spotty Sock Bunny is fast becoming a Bunny Ambassador Abroad! The Warren has just received another message from her in her new home in Holland:

Hello Bunnies!

Here is an other mail from Little Spotty.
Last week Tessa had a little surprise for me.
I was very excited! Curious I hopped around. And then Tessa told me her surprise: she told me that she was going to Brussels (Belgium) and I could go with her! I was very happy! So we went with her school to Belgium by train. Everybody in the train liked me and thought I was cute. In Brussels Tessa took me to a museum.

Mister Jummy told me that Tessa loves museums. And now I do to! We went to
The Museum of Fine Arts.
I saw a lot of beautiful paintings. My favorites are: Dalí and David. Tessa has made some photos of me while I'm looking at Dalí and David. Also Tessa had an other surprise for me: n her summer holiday she goes to London for five days. And I can come with her!
Little Spotty

Thank you so much to Tessa for helping Little Spotty with the computer and sending emails. The bunnies can't wait to here from her again!

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