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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I've been asked many times if I make me things 'with hooks on'. Things like my largest fish, hearts and now my new tree design. The answer is alway no because that would make them useful. I don't want them to be useful. I want them to be totally non-functional, purely decorative and serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever apart from to be extremely cheerful and whimsical. So there.

Having said all that with indignation in my voice I would like to show you my newest design.
I was asked to make a chicken keyring fob thingy which is classed as 'being useful' - harumph - it had to be nice and big and it had to be a chicken. Now, I've not done chickens before because I just think that image is over done and that bores me rigid BUT a commission is a commission.

Those were the colours asked for but I'm wondering about giving them the Half an Acre treatment. Or I could just accept that people LIKE these more conventional schemes. So I've decided to make a big ole heap of chickens and see how they go.
Chicken opinions welcome .......


  1. cluckety cluck cluck, I like chucks. I know they are everywhere at the moment but they are kinda cute. BTW I voted for your tree to go on the Folksy front page thingumy ... and it did ... hooray. I have it ear marked in my wish list/poetential pressies x
    Good luck shifting the chucks

  2. Cluck cluck - fun and funky - I think they are great x

  3. Since I'm surrounded by the real thing how can I not like....;0)

  4. I think they are great very country kitchen