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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Farthest North Division of Widget’s Warren

WOW! We have heard back from all the bunnies in Alaska! A large party of them had been dispatched overseas to their new home in Two Rivers, Alaska and everyone was a little worried at the ratio between bunny height and deep snow. It seems that they have arrived in summer time - phew! Below is the email from the newly established Farthest North Division of The Warren....

The bunnies arrived the other day and have made themselves at home here in Alaska!

The last two days have been rather miserable weather-wise. The only bunny who was enjoying himself was Rainbow Bunny, who waited eagerly by the window for the storms to stop so he could look for his namesakes. He was disappointed not to find one.

The first out of their traveling box was, of course, Speedy Cheetah Bunny, and the last, poor Shy Bun, who immediately scuttled underneath the bed pillows and refused to come out for the last few days.

But as soon as the rains stopped, Cheetah lead all the bunnies, with the exception of Shy Bun, Book Bun (who is pouring over the stacks of reading material in my daughter’s room-to her delight a whole set of Harry Potter!) and Chilly Blue Bun, who wanted to keep Book Bun company. I don’t think it’s cold enough outside for him to venture forth yet, but I’m afraid he has a long wait for snow!

The first great find was a patch of dandelions right outside the window that Rainbow Bunny had been watching thunderstorms out of for the last few days. At fantastic speed, Cheetah played ringleader and drew all the excited bunnies out to discover what lay beyond the dandelion patch.

Heartsy Bunny and Grey Stripey Bunny found a lovely patch of purple lady slippers. Who would’ve thought they grew here in the Arctic Circle?!
Grey Stripey looks as if he might sneeze. I hope he’s not allergic!

A fast thinker, he, and brought one bloom in to show Shy Bun, which perked her up straightaway!

On subsequent days, we were able to convince Book Bun to leave her novels for a moment and take some fresh air. She and Chilly Blue Bunny then found the following bluebell flowers and a Spruce tree bole.

Everyone came out to see the strawberry patch flowers!

At long last ready to return indoors, Rainbow Bunny takes one last look into the cloudy sky, hoping for more thunderstorms and possibly a rainbow!

And when he came back inside, he and Shy Bun made a new friend! (His name is Fiver, after the Watership Down character.)

We all look forward to seeing the rest of the bunnies join us.
Thank you so much!

The Farthest North Division of Widget’s Warren
Speedy Cheetah Bunny, Rainbow Bunny, Heartsy Bunny, Baby Spotty Bunny, Shy Bun, Book Bun, Chilly Blue Bun, Grey Stripey Bun and Pink Ribbon Bunny

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