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Thursday, 18 June 2009


All is not well at The Warren. Following Widget's very nasty experience in Wiltshire, with The Bunny Maker's older brother stabbing him with a knife, the bunnies are all in a whirl of worry and anger. They are twisting their ears in frustration at not being able to get to Wiltshire to mount a revenge attack. I have told them that revenge is not a good idea but they just mutter 'its a dish best served cold' under their collective breath. I am very alarmed at this attitude pervading The Warren - it is most out of character.

Caught on camera.

Thank you to all for your messages of concern for Widget. Last night I received a very concerned email from Little Spotty in Holland

Dear Widget,
We, Little Spotty and me, were very shocked when we saw what happened to you!
Little Spotty is so afraid now, she won't leave her favorite pocket.
I told her she's safe her, but she doesn't believe me.
Even her best friend Mister Jimmy can't brighten her up.
She's is to much in shock to write this email, so I do it for her.
Little Spotty wants to give you a lot of hugs and hopes that you will be fine soon.
Tessa, on behalf of Little Spotty

I can tell you that Widget is okay. He has been prescribed bed rest for a few days as he is deeply shocked by what happened. He also has a sticking plaster in place and, although things are heeling nicely. He is very worried about its removal.

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