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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


The bunnies have just received this email from two intrepid bunnies who were sent off to Narraganset, Rhode Island to live with Ashley whose shop WillyWaw is one of The Bunny Maker's favourites.


Very happy to announce that Best Bun and Flower Bun arrived in the United States of America safe and sound. They got through customs with no delay; however, Best Bun had a rough landing and puked up all his carrots. He's feeling much better now and says "better out than in"!

They were greeted by Hedge Pig, who kindly presented them with The Teasel, a rowing dory with a tanbark sail. Tomorrow, if Best Bun is feeling better, they'll rowed down the river on the outgoing tide to see the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

All tuckered out and snug in bed, Best Bun and Flower Bun wish all the
bunnies in The Warren a good night and promise to write as often as
they can.

Ashley, Joe, Cody, BB & FB

Thank you so much for letting us know you are safe, bunnies! We all hope you love your new home and will write to us again soon...


  1. These two little buns look like they're gonna be a tad spoilt - their own boat!!!

    I've popped over to see if Widget had time to answer some questions as I just tagged him! If he gets a chance pop over to my blog and follow the 'rules'! Love Sarah X