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Monday, 29 June 2009

A-yurting we will go .... ho ho.

This weekend we all went 'Yurting' - or 'Glamping'. Glamping is 'glamorous camping' I've been told. I think that means we are yuppies or something. Oh poo.

We stayed at Barefoot Yurts in Brede, East Sussex. All there are are two yurts just for us. No other yurts and no other people . YAY. You get two yurts to yourself - one is the living area and one the sleeping. There is also a kitchen and shower room in that little wooden hut in the picture. We also had a great compost toilet off in the trees which amused the boys (and me) no end. And then you get this view .......

It goes all the way over the hills to the horizon and not a house in sight except in the way off distance. *sigh* lovely........

The boys loved it! Here's my youngest - wearing blooming White Company pyjamas damn it! The stereotype gets worse. And the other two WERE running around in their Boden surfing shorts. GAH! What have we become?

Look how knackered they all are waiting for the barbeque to cook! The previous night, having no clue what the time was, we went to bed when it was dark which was probably pretty late. Then the next day we dragged them around the very pretty town of Rye, in the heat, and finished them off in the sea at Winchelsea.

None of them wanted to come home and the middle one wants to do it again for his birthday treat. This is not until February, mind, but he always has been one for forward planning. Both yurts have wood burners in them so I guess it would be quite cosy ... hmmmmm.

Not forgetting that I run a multi-squillian pound craft empire I took along the latest chickens to find a better background than the last two I've been struggling with.

I'm a lot happier with these ones so they've all gone onto Folksy and onto my website.
Third time lucky! I also took Widget along too and learnt a little about ancient bunny history ... READ HERE
I'm now off to re-assess my stereo-typical lifestyle ......... harumph.


  1. You know Boden have a sale on;)

  2. The Yurts look facinating - really like the idea. Having read your blog, my husband now wants to take me there for my birthday. Only problem is, my birthday is in OCtober, which, I think, is out of season. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Anna! Hello, I've found your fabulous blog :D
    Wow, I'm so jealous, the yurts look AMAZING! I'm all for glammping :)

    Love the pics of the chickens, they look very at home in their rustic surroundings.