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Sunday, 28 June 2009


This weekend Widget had the privilege to go and stay in a Yurt! The Barefoot Yurts are just two (a living room one and a bedroom one, as you can see above) so it was a lovely, peaceful place for a bunny to be. He immediately made himself at home and though the compost toilet very amusing indeed! The Bunny Maker and her family had a barbecue and Widget got a little worried about the wine ...

I did tell him that it was absolutely made from grapes and not bunnies which did cheer him up a bit. He spent ages staring at the pictures and reading the label though.

He enjoyed the barbecue as there were carrots and lettuce on offer (without dressing of course) and he enjoyed some of the seeds off the bread too.
The next day everyone went to walk around Rye, which was very lovely with it's cobbled streets. Widget did hop along for a while but the cobbles got a bit too much and he had to be carried the last bit in a pocket. It was all a bit hot and humid so the beach was the next stop......

We went to Winchelsea Beach which was lovely and deserted, probably due to the stones but stones are good for throwing into the sea which was good for the Bunny Makers offspring. Widget discovered that, although good for throwing, they are not good for burrowing!
The next day - after a lovely night's sleep for some very tired boys and bunnies, everyone went to Battle to learn all about the Battle of Hastings.

Widget wanted to know about rabbits back in 1066 but no one seem to know much. He listed to the whole audio tour on a special listening device and found no mention of bunnies at all. There is little known history about the bunnies and not many people know that they actually played a large part in many of the major battles over the last 1000yrs. Harold would not have been 'conquered' by Willian if the 'League of Messenger Rabbits', who carried messages back from the Spy Buns in France, were not discovered by the French Bunny Resistance. Widget still mumbles references to 'Carrot Nibbling Surrender Rabbits'. I keep telling him that it has no bearing on the Battle of Hastings and that the French Resistance had nothing to do with the Battle of Hastings but he's having none of it. It's bunny history and that's it.

This picture is of Widget outside the gatehouse. He is especially excited as those daisies in the grass next to him mark a major tunnel used by the League of Messenger Rabbits.

All in all Widget had a fantastic time and taught The Bunny Maker and her family all kinds of things about how important rabbits are in our history. Who would have thought?

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