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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Harriet heads out across the Atlantic.

Yesterday Widget helped to post Harriet Sockbunny off to live with Huckleberry Dog in Michigan. The second package was Bip Bun who was going to Ocracoke, NC hopefully to hook up with Global Bun. The purple package envelopes were picked from the catalogue by the bunnies as the said that grey was just too dull for them to travel in.

This is Harriet - she was just about to prick out those seedings when I snapped the picture. We don't know what the plants are - a seed head was given to us that was, apparently, taken from Monet's garden! A slight hand and a handbag!
There are little black dots all over the leaves and the plants grow quite big and bushy with blue flowers. Now that Harriet isn't here to look after them I've taken over so will be posting some more pictures later to see if anyone knows what they are.

Huckleberry has his own farm (or would like to have his own more like!) and Harriet will be able to help with the gardening. Unknown to her, Treacle, from Hotdog and Me has just arrived over there after travelling all the way from Dorset. What a surprise will be waiting for her!
Hopefully the three of them will get along magnificently and get on with sowing, planting, raking and weeding. Perhaps they might like some of the 'Monet's Garden' seeds!

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  1. I'll ask the Sock Gardeners to check back to see if they can help identify Harriet's plant - she's done a lovely job of tending it so far!