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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


As I mentioned earlier, Global Bun is on Ocracoke Island, NC in the US of A. Her bunny host, Tricia, has been sending back diary extracts:

23 June 2009
Hello. Global Bunny has just arrive in America on Ocracoke Island. She is settling into her room for a little nap and tomorrow will start her adventures here in the USA, on this little island. I am hoping to get a post stamp in her passport that says "Ocracoke NC" to document her arrival. Until tomorrow...Trish

23 June 2009
Friday Global Bunny will be going to visit the wild ponies here in Ocracoke with the pony caretakers. They promised to take photos. I think she will have alot of fun!

20 July 2009
Global Bunny has just been picked up by Laura and is going to the Pony Pens for a photo shoot.....she is going to spend a couple of days with Laura (she works for the Park Service) and go behind the scene in Ocracoke...

She really is having a wonderful time there - I am just hoping that she has been wearing a sun hat and not going out in the heat of the day. "Mad bunnies and Englishmen ...." as the saying goes.

Laura has also just bought her own sock bunny which is good news for Global Bun. Bip Bun is already on her way to Ocracoke. Widget helped with the posting yesterday. He is striking quite a fetching pose with his ear there. The post office lady told him to "Get off the scales you smelly bunny"!!
Poor Widget! I know he needs a bath but it isn't time for his bi-annual one yet.

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  1. Hi Everyone. Ranger laura has just gotten Global Bunny back to me. She has had her for 3 weeks and has taken about 200 photos of Global Bunny helping here with her Park Ranger duties. She has been one busy little bunny. She is having a rest now before she starts her next adventure. I have a friend that teaches school in France & maybe Global Bunny will get to go with her??? Bunny Maker??? What do you think??