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Sunday, 19 July 2009


We had a package arrive the other day from "The Beauty is in the Detail". The bag was almost as lovely as what was inside. I, The Bunny Maker, knew what was in it but Widget and the others didn't so it was fun watching them open it.

It was Nosey Mouse! She has come to live at The Warren. I decided that what we needed was a mouse about the house and found the ideal Mouse Maker in Shelley from 'The Beauty is in The Detail'. Widget, Hooverer and Murky helped her out of the bag and they all proceeded to sniff each other for a good while.

After all that was out of the way she set about sorting out photogenic places to sit and look cute.

She seems happy!
Murky Meerkat, on the other hand, is slightly miffed because Nosey's nose is a lot cuter than his and a lot of attention is being paid to how adorable it is with that little button on it. I may have to have a little chat with him ...