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Thursday, 16 July 2009


What a surprise everyone had this morning! The bunnies LOVE to hear their bunny friends and an email arrived from one of them. One of the bunnies from the "Farthest North Division of The Warren" has been sent to a new home in Florida

Hi Widget,
I received a great surprise on July 11th. A package came from my friend MimzMum - a bunny slave who lives in Alaska. Her bunny, Mimzy had the sniffles, so my bunny, Samantha Bunnykins, sent him a hanky. As a thank you, MimzMum sent me Rainbow Sockbunny! He has come all the way from England via Alaska to live with us. I am so excited!

Here is a pix of him making himself at home. He also looked you up on Facebook so I could email you to say he arrived. He is reading this email as I write. She chose Rainbow sockbunny as a reminder of my beloved Spockie, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a year ago last December. He was very sweet, and so it Rainbow Sockbunny.
He is very, very cuddly and soft. A welcome new member to my little warren here in Florida.
Very truly yours,

We all really hope that Rainbow Bun will stay in touch and that he won't forget to put suncream on his ears. We have heard how hot it is in Florida!

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