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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Another email arrived for the bunnies today, from Tessa and Little Spotty in Holland:

Hello Bunny!
In one of my first e-mails I told you that I would go to London.
This Monday Tessa and I are travelling to London!
By train, so I must get up very early.
I'm so excited.
I'm hopping around the house all day!

Also I'm reading about London.
Tessa took some photo's of me between London books and maps.
I'm all ready packing my bag and hug Mister Jummy a lot.
Mister Jummy isn't coming with use.
Tessa said that he doesn't have a passport.
Luckily I have one!

To brighten me up, Tessa gave me a little present.

She gave me a cuddly toy.
His name is Artis de Partis and he is also made out of a sock!
He's is coming with me.

When I'm back, I will let you know how London was.

Little Spotty and Tessa

Little Spotty having a last cuddle with Mr Jummy.

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