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Monday, 13 July 2009


The Warren is nothing if not up-to-date. The fashion industry is always a season ahead and so are we! Two autumn bunnies arrived a last week but got whisked off to new homes before they could unpack and have their pictures taken. Since then we have had some other arrivals. Two cosy little winter bunnies arrived this morning. I told them they were a little too early but didn't have the heart to turn them away.

They are both happily settle in their burrows and have already taken their places in the bunny shop, so keen are they to find homes before the weather starts to turn cold.
There are seven other new bunnies in the shop today too so hop on over and take a look!
Bunny shop - Bunny Shop - Bunny Shop - Bunny Bunny Bunny shop!

UPDATE: I am pleased to announce that the two bunnies above have been sold and are on their way to Alaska where their fuzzy sleeping bags may come in useful!

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