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Friday, 31 July 2009

Jeremy Beagle arrives....

There was a parcel waiting at The Warren when we arrived back, all soggy, from Wales. Everyone was very excited as we could hear little woofs coming through the wrappings. It was Jeremy Beagle! All the way from Hot Dog and Me. He was wrapped up in lovely paper tied with ribbon and a button which Widget and the others ripped off - no manners at all!

Here he is with his birth certificate. It was pretty hard to make him sit still as he was rushing around sniffing the plants and other bits and pieces in the garden. Then they found SOMETHING WRONG!!

Nosey and Jeremy discussed the problem. The doggy treats must have been packed into Jeremy's bag before he was posted but there were only empty wrappers in the bag on his arrival! What had happened? The Bunny Maker asked where the Pear Drops were and then Nosey wanted to know how she knew they were Pear Drops. Suddenly The Bunny Maker was very busy in her workroom with the door closed and wouldn't answer any more questions.
Nosey and Jeremy are deciding what to do .....


  1. There's a beagle that lives next door to us. He has a funny voice. His name is Champ. Glad Jeremy arrived safely!

  2. Well I hope Widget isn't in cahoots with Bunny Maker - perhaps Jeremy should be on growl duty at the door until 'someone' confesses and replaces the treats...

  3. I am so happy that Jeremy has settled in well with Widget and Nosey!! looks like they might get up to all sorts of mischief. The bunny maker is gonna have their hands full now!!