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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Little Spotty's visit to England...

An email has just arrived from out Dutch bunny Little Spotty. She went to live with Tessa and has been having a wonderful time every since ....... here is her latest news;

Hello Bunnies,

Tessa and I are back from London!

The trip began sunday evening when I was helping Tessa with packing her bag. And mine! I had my own little bag with my passpoort, a diary and of course Artis de Partis. I tried to smuggle Mister Jummy into a bag, but Tessa saw me doing it. She was a little mad at me and threaten me with saying that I couldn't come to London if I did that again.

Monday morning at 07:55 hour we took the train to Brussels. From there, we took the Eurostar train to London St Pancreas International where we took the metro to the hotel. The room was a double room, so I had my own bed. When we dropped of the bags in the hotel, we went to The British Museum. That was very big. Certainly for a little bunny like me. I really like the things from Egypt. Tessa took a photo of me in front of some sarcophagus.

The next day we went to the London Eye. I was a little bit scared: it's so high! Tessa took me out of her bag and held me very tight so I could see Big Ben. Of course she took a photo of me and Big Ben.

On Wednesday we went to a very big park looking for bunnies. Unfortunately it was a windy day so we didn't see any bunnies. Because of the weather I don't have any photos of me in the park. Tessa was afraid that I would hop away. Because I really like London.

Thursday we went to the Tower of London. In front of a building stood a guard. I wanted to tickle his cheek with my ears, but Tessa didn't let me do that. She told me that the guard had a very big gun and when he would be attacked, he shoots at the attacker. Even if it's a sweet little bunny like me. But Tessa told me that I could go on the photo with them. So I did. As you can see on the photo I look a bit scared.

On the same day we visited the Tower Bridge. Of course Tessa took a photo of me in front of the bridge.

On Friday morning we went back home. At the train station we went to The Starbucks for a nice cup of tea. It was a very nice holiday and I'm hoping that I could go to London again when Tessa is going there in October.

This week I've been with Neon. We had a nice time together.


Little Spotty and Tessa

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