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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Does Jeremy Beagle wish he was back with Hotdog and Me?

Jeremy has been a bit jealous of the bunnies' sleeping bags and last night he managed to get into the sock drawer to chose himself a funky top to wear ..

Everyone thought he looked very smart but then The Bunny Maker got all overcome with silliness and made him wear it in all sorts of decidedly silly ways whilst chuckling to herself. He didn't like to object what with only having arrived at The Warren a few days ago and all that ....

Jeremy is now wondering what he has got himself into coming to live at The Warren ....

The Bunny Maker has said that she is sorry and didn't realise that she might be denting Jeremy's doggy pride - it's just that he looked so cute in all the different poses. She has told him that he must speak up if things aren't going the way he would like them to. Jeremy feels a bit happier now but hasn't yet realised that the pictures have been published on the blog ...... oooops!


  1. I think he loves the attention really!
    I am very jealous of your sock draw :-)

  2. Well Jeremy, at least she didn't make you wear one of those silly Beadle-Beards - it looks like you took it all in good spirits!