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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Yesterday I went to a craft fair and I bought .......

Yesterday was Winchester Handm@de. It was interesting going back to the town - er, city - because I went to school their and my parents-in-law live just outside it. I also had the most interesting experience of about 5 people coming up to me and saying that they read my blogs ......WAH! er ...... hello ....... I feel all self-conscious now. *waves nervously*. I felt all famous for a few minutes and then a bit exposed. So, to make my self feel better I went shopping. I bought .....

...a monsta!

Monda Loves makes these from old jumpers - she had a big row of them on her stall and there was a tricky moment when I nearly gave in and bought them all but ...... this one won out. His name is Egor and my youngest son has stolen him and taken him to bed. Damn.

This ring ......... from David Corbin.

I needed this ring. I did. Really I did.

It's on my right hand middle finger and is going to get in the way when I hold a paint brush but I simply don't care. It is too yummy to take off and I've been looking for a ring for years.

.....and this little owl brooch from MeninaFeliz. It is for an old friend who has always loved owls.

I also managed to slip in time for the purchasette of one of these little ceramic houses from Hodgepodge Arts. It is like the little one with the heart on. I also bought two of her gorgous buttons. I had a little trouble choosing.

I sold lots of bunnies which you can read a bit about on The Bunny Blog and had a very nice time indeed.


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! The monster and ring are great! Love them!

  2. Now did you do a 'me' and spend all your takings on goddies for yourself. Effectively coming away with zero profit. Or is that just waht i do and the reason why I will never be rich!

  3. apologies for serious speeellling disorder in above comment. I should proof before pressing go!

  4. I can see I'm going to be feeling very envious as everyone writes about the Winchester handmade!

    The ring is lovely...you'll learn to cope with painting in a different style, I'm sure........

    Nicki x