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Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello Mary!

Widget met a little girl called Mary yesterday at the Winchester Handm@de craft fair.

Mary bought a little bunny for herself and Widget insisted on having his picture taken with them both. He's trying to give his 'best side' in this picture because someone told him he had green paint on the other. He has been a bit self-conscious since and has turned down Hooverer's offer of paint stripper.

The Warren bunnies hope you love your new bunny friend, Mary, and that you will let them all know what adventures you have together.

Widget wasn't that helpful yesterday. He busied himself organising the other bunnies and telling them to sit in all the places that I didn't want them in. Finally I convinced him to sit up by the watering can with the job of 'overseer'. He was happy with that. So was I.

Twenty-one of the bunnies went to new homes! Wow! Imagine how much excitement there was there. The reserve bunnies had to come out from their tub trug which caused lots of cheering from them as they weren't happy about being under the table out of sight.

All in all it was a great day.


  1. Rainbow (Mary's new friend) is very happy in her new home and will send some photos soon.

  2. widget is a lucky bunny indeed to pose in this lovely pic with marybigbluebed! lovely to hear that so many bunnies found new homes - and that winchester was such a success. what a lovely table you had :)

  3. Lovely to see your stall at Handmade Winchester and say hello.