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Friday, 28 August 2009


Hop...hop...hop.....PHEW! Widget and Co are back from their lovely long holiday and first off Widget needs your votes! His diary blog Widget's Year has been accepted as a nomination for the Dorset Cereal's Little Blog Awards - and, as it stands, he has NO VOTES!! NO VOTES!! Okay, the reason he has none is because the blog has only just been accepted.... Click on the link below and hit the 'vote' button and it's all done ....

Dorset Cereals little awards

There are lots of updates coming in the next few days as The Bunny Maker rises up through the holiday backlog - Widget still had his picture taken every day whilst on holiday and all those will be added shortly. Keep coming back - there are LOTS of exciting things in the pipeline this autumn!

And now you can vote for this blog too by using the link in the sidebar.


  1. It's ok Widget, I've been and voted - infact you have 27 votes now :)

  2. wow widget..53 votes now!! yay !