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Saturday, 29 August 2009

How not to enter a competition.

I seem to be able to do quite a lot of these 'How not to ...' posts. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Perhaps I should be learning something about myself from all this!

So - this competition? There was a feature about it in the Daily Telegraph about it - The V&A World Beach Project. Fabulous. I was right over the road from a beach! Make some beach art, photograph it and send in the pictures. You can then plot the exact location on their google map. YAY! Love it!

Ta da da da daaaaaaaa!
Sand Face!

Okay - it's not a masterpiece. It didn't take me very long but there it is. I took this one picture of it.

Last night I did all my uploading and downloading and sideloading of pictures and got down to the business of entering the competition. Now here's the 'how not to' bit.
When entering a competition READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.
Oh how simple.

So - here are the instructions for you to read so you can see why I can't enter.
The V&A World Beach Project

Gah! And I'm not right over the road from the beach anymore. Poo. What an idiot.


  1. muy buen blog !!! saludos desde argentina.

  2. Um, really tiny stones! No?

  3. Well it gets my vote, that picture would make a lovely card or background paper.

  4. Oh how sad! You could always come to Kent - there's a pebbly beach near us at Whitstable. Or there are stones at Pett Level, near Rye - possibly a bit closer? Or maybe you could fabricate a pebble beach in your other half acre - that really would be an artistic statement!

    Great to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x