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Sunday, 30 August 2009


Widget and the bunnies all spent three weeks on the Isle of Wight, as has been done for time immemorial. It was pretty dismal weather when we set off and, when we arrived at the car ferry in Portsmouth, we discovered that we were not alone in the car. There was a stowaway!

Jeremy Beagle! He must have snuck in when we were packing up the car. I'm sure the rabbit and the horse must have had something to do with it!
Just after we took that photo something BAD happened ......

The Bunny Maker's husband (not especially a bunny lover) decided that the windscreen was a bit steamed up!! JEREMY!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luckily he was okay, slightly taken aback and soggy, but okay nonetheless.

Luckily Widget was hidden away and the other bunnies were safely in their tub trug in the back of the car!

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