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Monday, 31 August 2009


The Warren received lots of exciting new over the summer. Rainbow Bunny, all the way over in Florida, sent news of the arrival of Bertie Basset from Hotdog and Me...

There was a message from Neon in Holland, telling how excited he was to receive a letter from his girlfriend Little Spotty ....

I was really surprised when I received a letter specially for me--its a letter from my bunnyfriend Little Spotty! So nice. Chantal made a picture of me reading the letter.
Bye hopping bye,
Lots of love

It's very nice here in Schiedam!
Kisses to all the other sweet bunnies.

Checker Bunny went to live with Blissknits but it all went a bit wrong and her carrot didn't go with her! That was not all - she thought her baby, Pinky, had got into the travelling box with her and was snuggled down into the tissue paper but on arrival there was neither carrot nor Pinky!! It was all very worrying but Pinky was soon sent off to be reunited. You can see Checker Bun and Pinky being reunited on Blissknits blog here.

There are also a new bunny pal - Miss Bella Bunkin, kitchen bunny, champion knicker chewer and ankle licker! She lives in the kitchen of Heather of PrettyThingsJewellery and was caught stealing knickers from the laundry basket! Thornton Bunny lives in the living room with his girlfriend, Grace. Grace hates Bella because she sneaks in to try and steal Thornton from her. Bella tries to sneak in to see Thornton when Grace isn't looking! The picture is of Bella helping with the shopping!

These two are Thornton, on the left, looking calm and casual whilst Grace, on the right, is practicing her back-leg-kick-hop for when Bella pops in see Thornton!

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