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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


As it is September The Warren bunnies are celebrating going back to school at 'The Institute of Vegetable Growing" by taking part in a project run by The Toy Society.

"The Toy Society is a craft/street art project spreading love throughout the streets of the world. From Melbourne to Lisbon, Antwerp to Michigan and everywhere inbetween. The Toy Society is all about giving you a 'something for nothing' experience."

The idea is to hand make a toy and put it into a bag with the relevant instructions provided by the Toy Society and a big label saying 'Take Me Home'. It is then hung somewhere in public to be discovered.

These two bunnies below have been selected....

... and parcelled up ready for the off sometime this week....

The 'drop site' has to be photographed too so Widget will be taking these two off in the next few days. The bunnies are lobbying for air holes to be put into the bags but I'm concerned about rain getting in. Suffocated bunnies or soggy bunnies?


  1. what a fabulous idea - I wonder if the new owners will get back in touch? I do hope so.

  2. We have this idea that when special friends have to be protected from the rain they have special powers and don't suffocate in plastic bags. Well that's what John told Biddle when we put him in a plastic bag in the rucksack to protect him from the rain while we were on holiday.

    Biddle maintains he should have a mac by now!

  3. What a fab idea - I believe that sockbunnies can self hibernate and are only woken by a huge hug from a loving new owner so no holes needed.