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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The Bunny Maker is pleased to annouce that she was asked to 'write something' and she did and it has been published - kinda. Published on a blog. A sensible blog. A blog that people read to find out useful things.
Artists in Business wanted to know about how she used viral marketing to spread bunniness around the internet.

So she wrote about it and now you can hop on over and read it. Go on. Off you hop. And then bookmark the blog because it really is full of very useful stuff.


  1. How exciting. Just been over to read your post.

  2. This was supposed to be my comment over there:

    I've met Widget through Anna's postcrossing initiative, and I have to say, I was enchanted by it at the same moment. I have been following widget's adventures since then, and even got my own bunny last week(it's still traveling here).

    But the most important thing, to me at least, was that Anna's initiative made me start thinking about new ways to market the company I work for. I am a student-worker at the e-marketing department of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, and when I received Widget's postcard, I went straight to my boss to talk about it. We both thought it was an amazing way to market Anna's business, and could we do it too? We decided that postcrossing wouldn't work for us, but what about social media? On the following months we started to look into different platforms, and now we are on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn.

    And also, since I received Widget's postcard, I've been constantly annoying my mom to start selling her handmade stuff online, and that I would help with all the site's looks and marketing. She does a lot of beautiful things to help out a hospital back home, but so far her audience is mostly friends and people living in the area. If she goes online, she can reach a lot more people.

    And Widget kind of inspired all that to me.