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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I have to introduce you to .....

.... someone who never ceases to bring a smile to my face when I see her shop - NiftyKnits. You see, Nifty makes Meerkats. Yes she does. Not just boring Meerkats but fantabulous ones. I have one - his name is Murky and is on/off pals with Widget Sockbunny, depending on their combined moods. Nifty is famous for her Star Wars ones ....... yes, you heard that right!

I've just been rooting around in her Folksy shop to see what she has been up to and the answer is Super Heroes!

And, yes, there is a 'Robin'! She is also offering a Meerkat with your own custom outfit - such as the one below which, I have to say, is totally adorable and might just have to come and live with Murky!

And then there is this!! This picture below has had me chuckling and chortling ever since I first saw it! Nifty, you are a genius and are probably responsible for my emerging Meerkat obsession.

Nifty's shop is HERE - I reckon everyone should have a Meerkat in their lives. Trouble is, now I've caught wind of some other ones, ie Matador Meerkat, I'm beginning to want one of each design. This is good for Nifty but not good for my finances!


  1. Thank you :-) I have to say I love going into work after a day off.

    "What did you do on your day off?"

    "Well, I knitted a meerkat Santa, the beard was tricky..."

  2. I've been lurking over these on Folksy for a while now - am hopelessly in love! Will be dropping more meerkat-sized hints to the other half :)

  3. Whey hey for nifty and the Meerkats. Loved the write up bunnymaker.