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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Knitoceras Woolyensis (Lower Baarasic)

My lovely old friend Ruth sent me a present which arrived today. When I say 'old' I mean I've known her forever, as opposed to her being a little hunched granny! She is actually older than me, though, by one exact month. She as born on May 6th and I on June 6th, so I guess I can call her my 'old, old friend'. Teehee.
Anyway she bought me a present when she was on holiday and it arrived this morning. If anyone knows me well it is she........

As the label says, this is a
Knitoceras Woolyensis (Lower Baarassic).
A knitted fossil!
I'm still chuckling, as Ruth knew I would.

So - thank you Rupe, I love it! It's comforting to have people who know me so well ...... or is it?! Tee hee.