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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

CHAIRS (oh okay, and a table).

I do like a chair. We use them so much that I believe they should be more than just functional objects. They should be fabulous objects! Not beige, brown, cream things. No, no, no. We have annoyingly expensive taste - gorgeous, funky things tend to come with a price tag, and the piggy bank contents do not support the taste so we have to be a little creative. This post is about some of the seating things we have in our house and how we made them 'our own'.

Number One: The Freecycle Chair.
One day I had a yen (er, is that correct?) - anyway, I had a yen for a wooden chair.
Ah ha! Freecycle!
This chair was in someone's garage for years. I did take a picture of it in its former state but I'll be jiggered if I can find it.
So, its been painted and a new seat made (by a pal) using Ikea fabric.

Chair - £0.00. Seat Cover £45.00. Fabric - £1.00ish

Number Two: The Freecycle Sofa

Sofa: £0.00
Cover: Designers' Guild from the awesome Fabric Warehouse on the Finchley Road £8 per meter.
Custom Cover: Aprox. £180.

Number 3: The Map Table.

Table: £0.00 (cast off from the rellies).
Maps: £9.99 for big one and the other were through Freecycle.

Guess who's kids know where ALL the countries are?!
*smug grin*.

I wrote a post ages ago about the covering of this table ...
"How not to put a map on a kitchen table"

The above two were both old chairs re-covered - both in Designers Guild - all from the fabric warehouse outlet. You've seriously got to make the trip there if you want fabrics.

So - there you have it. Chairs. And a table.


  1. Freecycle is fab or freegle as it seems to be becoming. Did you know a fair few freecycle sites have now cut ties and are now under the banner of freegle http://www.ilovefreegle.org/ you may find your local group has changed :)
    Same people recycling, same people moderating just a differnt name.

  2. Sorry freegle hat on there - Gorgeous chairs BTW.
    I love the fabric on the blue one.
    I think I could do with you coming and colouring up my house for me as it's very staid and boring :)

  3. I want to come and live at your place. That's ok right? *packs bags*

  4. Cripes your chairs are amazing!

    Freecycle was an absolute lifesaver for my boyfriend and I when we moved - skint - into a completely unfurnished flat.

    Another similar site worth having a look at is www.snaffleup.co.uk.

  5. Awesome, any way you look at it! That fabric is gorgeous!!! My granddaughters would love them, those are their colors, pink, lime, purple, pretty much any bright color! Your boys must love the colors too, very happy and lots of positive energy..... he he.... I guess boys don't need extra energy!!!
    Margaret B

  6. The ReUseIt Network is another great place to find recycling groups. http://www.reuseitnetwork.org

  7. Oh your house is gorgeous! Puts my old lady farmhouse to shame, I have furniture that could do with new covers, maybe that's what I need to do... hmmm.....

  8. These all look great! I love your map table. I'm considering painting all of our dining chairs odd colours, they are looking a bit tired now. Very inspiring!

  9. Simply gorgeous.

    Freecycle is great, although I have given many things away, but never gained anything.

  10. Wow, the couch and chairs are amazing! Sooo jealous, ours are leather but they're wipe-able at least!

  11. I love the blue chair especially. You have a knack for creating sweet and jolly things.